The Chedi hotel Chiang Mai

The historical city of Chiang Mai welcomes all those searching for a serene place where they can spend some quality time close to nature. The city situated on the northern end of Thailand is a popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty and its glorious past. The city is nestled in the foothills of the imposing mountain ranges of Thailand and presents the freshness of the typical chilly yet comforting weather that is a permanent feature here throughout the year. In fact it is the weather condition of Chiang Mai that attracts the tourists and the essence of the blissful environment is magnificently preserved at the Chedi Hotel in Chiang Mai, an elegant retreat offering the delights of life in the heart of the city.

The hotel gives a nostalgic appeal with its modish services and amenities which are assured to meet the needs of the discerning travelers. The warmth and hospitality rendered by the hospital staff makes it an ideal destination in the historical city of Chiang Mai.The hotel is centrally located making it accessible from the different parts of the city easily. One can avail various modes of transport to reach the hotel.

The striking features that have been alluring tourists for staying at the Chedi Hotel in Chiang Mai are its room facilities and the amenities that it provides to its guests. The hotel features 52 exclusive deluxe rooms along with 32 Chedi Club Suites all elegantly designed in the contemporary Asian style. The rooms are well furnished making the stay at the hotel a life time experience.

The hotel also features the best of dining experience and to make the stay even more exclusive, other amenities which would make you feel at home.

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